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Top 5 Highest Paying Article Writing Websites 2018

Earn Money Online by Writing Articles
Top 5 Highest Paying Article Writing Websites 2018
Are you looking for Article Writing Websites so that you can earn money online? Freelance Writing Websites gives you the opportunity to work from home. Jobs, where the article can earn money, are listed every day.
We have been providing and learning Writing Websites services to survive, knowing that Article no jobs are online, half war wins.
Perhaps you want to try publishing some of your articles online and do not know where to start from.

Online writing and being able to earn money can be very beneficial. You can choose to work with customers or websites who are interested in you.
You enjoy working at your own pace, determines your own price (because your demand for the article does not increase) and you enjoy the stable income.
However, for some, the idea of writing for others is not so satisfactory. A Career in Journalism or Article is not for everyone.

Earn Money Online by Writing Articles Online in India

If you want to earn money by writing this post online, then this is a very good website. People are working 40,000 to 50,000 thousand or more of the month or less, if you are not there, then the website But they can read their policy well, have 5 minutes, then read the written post and start your work.

1. : $100 – $200:- is basically a Humor Site. If you are a funny/ smart/creative person, provides a good opportunity to earn some extra cash with the article.
no experience necessary. If it is good they will pay you. You talk directly to the editors. Their content includes Articles, Photoshops, Infographics, and Video. take your pick.

How to get started?

Register for a site, click on Writer's Workshop, which leads you to the message board where everyone picks up your article.
Under your consideration, you pitch an article idea by writing sub-topics, a complete column, an article idea with information.
You get Per Article $ 100 at the time of writing.
If you receive five published articles, then this goes up to $ 200 per article.
If your article ends at the top ten articles of the month (rated on Website Traffic), you get a $ 100 bonus.
You also get $ 100 for the first time in Photoshop competitions, of which I think they run in a week.
There is a bonus which runs periodically in the Design section. It involves $ 500 for a winner T-shirt Design, and a thread where you post (potentially humorous) will pay you $ 100 when appearing on Infographics and Site. Click here to create an account
Top 5 Highest Paying Article Writing Websites 2018
Earn Money Online By Article Writing

2. Uxbooth: $ 100:- 

Uxbooth Design is in. I think that is very much outraging the rest of their site, for example, their "About Us" page begins with these words,
"The Uxbooth user experience is a publication by and for the community. Most of our readers include start-to-intermediate user experience and interaction design. "

How to get started?

Uxbooth does not completely accept a fully written draft. Instead, they combine articles with articles to support the article process. It works like this:
If accepted, a Development Editor is assigned to you so that you can develop your style according to your style guide. By the time you are ready to share, you discuss and develop both ideas.
Bus! 4-8 Weeks are published after the article is usually started. They pay Per Article 100 dollars.
Top 5 Highest Paying Article Writing Websites 2018
Top 5 Highest Paying Article Writing Websites 2018

3. Sitepoint:-

Sitepoint Articles are usually web professionals who are passionate about development and design. Sitepoint is especially looking for content that is technical, director, well-written and innovative.

Based on Melbourne, Australia, Sitepoint works with Article Article from all over the world. An editor is Web Developers and Design at the top of the industry. They claim to pay the above industry rate for the article for quality and efficiency. Click Here

How to get started?

Sitepoint covers the following topics:

– CSS, JavaScript, PHP
– Ruby, Mobile development, UX
– Design, HTML

4. College Humour : $25 – $150 :- 

College Humor Media is an online entertainment company that targets the original audience of people aged 18-49.
Founded by two high school friends, College Humor offers daily comedic material including video and/or curated video, pictures, articles, and jokes created by the staff.
The online "Jake and Amir", "Very Mary Kate" and "Troopers. "With more than 15 Million monthly unique visitors and more than 100 Million video views are attracted with popular Sketch like.

How to get started?

Visit the Article Submission Page.
Put in your funny article and press "Submit"
Wait for the editors to review your article. If they like it, they'll send you an email.
If they put your article on the article page, then they will pay $ 25 if they put it on the homepage, and an additional $ 50 if they get more than 100,000 views then they will pay $ 50.

5. B. Michelle Pippin: $50 – $150

Michelle Pippin is looking for articles aimed at helping small businesses grow their profits, effects. Michelle Pippin offers fast and high-quality business and marketing materials for a wider audience.
If you have some basic work, a great idea for business or Hack, marketing niche, it may be a site to consider while the site focuses on women in business, the benefits, entrepreneur resources, marketing and case studies Article As well as relevant news on the business world, a mix of articles has also been found.

The site has a large audience and is a comprehensive mix of content related to business and marketing.
Your articles do not need to be very technical, as they have been reviewing a reviewer for a journal, but they should go beyond the basics. Michelle hopes to do research with you and if she gets to her audience only to the audience (which is a print edition) you will get a big salary check. The term count on the site for your average business or marketing article is approximately 800 words.

How to get started?

Obviously, your job should be the original work.
If your work gets published only in my Newsletter, then you will get more money, but you will not be able to republish your article somewhere else.
Payment is on a per-article basis and payment will be paid by Paypal for 1 month of the month which is posted to it.
Do not send the complete article, just fill the form and tell them their area of expertise. A small pitch should be fine but keep your proposal short and sweet. Make account

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