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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July 31, 2018

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile root?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile root?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile root?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile root?:- Hello guys, In this post we are going to know that mobile phone root advantages and disadvantages why today only to earn money from Mobiles and people hacking their own branded phone by hacking their value But today, our readers do not have much information about mobile root and them root their mobile and later they have to regret that why they did so today we know That's about the mobile phone and it's about advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Android Phone Root

Friends, let us first talk about the benefits of rooting the mobile. What are the advantages of getting mobile phones? What additional features do we get that we do not get in without root phones?

1- When we root any mobile, then every single limitation is removed from the OS, ie from the operating system to its processor, and we can access it from which we are not allowed to access such as we There are so many duplicates of apps that can not be created without the root in the phone. We can open the file which is not allowed to open and we can also do a lot of additional settings on the phone.

2- After you root the phone you will see that the performance and battery life of your device will be increased and you will be able to do it better in advance.

3- Once you have root, you can also install incompatible apps in your mobile which you were unable to install without root devices. These are the apps which are much older than the old version and only the new version is installed The company gives you permission to do

4- Once you root the mobile, you can uninstall system apps from it which is never possible in the normal device ie without root device like you have a camera, chrome, mobile browser, Gmail and such inbuilt and system apps Any company that does not give an option to uninstall but you can easily uninstall it in the rooted device.

5- In this, you can give your device a new look. You can customize everything by your own color and any design can change your device's company name along with the device id and IMEI number which can be changed The real id of the device is there and many apps also track you from this and when you change it, simply nobody will be able to track you that you are the person who has already registered here.

Disadvantages of Android Phone Root

First, we have to know what the benefits of Rooting Mobile, but the benefits of everything are its losses, it is also important that we know it very much that we should keep in our own mind and decide whether you want to root your device or not.

1- During the whole process of rooting, our phone can be absolutely damaged, it can be absolutely bad and it will not be even on why our processor and ram have a lot of effect in this process, so that they get spoiled due to that successful root But they stop working after a few months.

2- If you have taken a new phone that has not been a year now and he is in warranty now and you root it, then you dig his warranty and during that time your phone gets spoiled and you are in company If you take it for repair, then its warranty will not be accepted there and you will be taken full money from it.

I hope you have come to understand that what is the root cause of mobile and if you have any problems related to it then you must do the following comments.